♡50 Ultimate Dreams: Giving Myself Love and Happiness♡

♡50 Ultimate Dreams: Giving Myself Love and Happiness♡

Dear Unicorns;

Let’s talk about our dreams.

What do you desire every damn day, so badly that your subconscious conjures up imaginative images when you sleep? ☁️

During this transition into a new chapter of my life, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on my dreams for the future.

I really didn’t have a hot girl summer, unless you mean literally overheating in foodservice shifts on Southport. So many days have felt overwhelmingly frustrating & uncomfortable. I’ve traveled by bus, by train, on foot and slept on too many beds and couches to count.

I tried dating and falling in love again way too quickly after my breakup. I wasted too many words on unworthy and unsuitable suitors. I keep looking for potential partners, trying to fill a void and find my “other half”. I am a fucking whole person, but I have a tendency to be a people pleaser. In seeking my pleasure and happiness from others, I locked away important parts of myself so that others would love me. Doing this set me up for ultimate heartbreak. Pain is a transformative tool when used correctly, and so I’ve been exercising writing selfishly.

I need to remember what it feels like to dream BIG.

My name is Jessi Moonheart and I’m here to manifest my most magical life. I’m the only person who can give myself a life of love, adventure, and ultimate happiness. I recently conversed with someone in a bright pink hat who told me to list out my 50 ultimate dreams. She told me to do this because I need to focus my creative energy on myself when winter comes. She disappeared before I could catch her name, but I know when the universe is trying to deliver a message to me.

It all starts with your dreams, unicorns.

Our dreams are secrets spoken to us in the language of our soul. We must vocalize our dreams and speak them into existence to manifest our most magical lives.

♡This is a list of my 50 Ultimate Dreams.♡

  1. Pay off my credit card debt.
  2. Legally change my last name to Moonheart. I want to fully become Jessi Moonheart in my life.
  3. Obtain my cannabis legally and consume it stylishly.
  4. Travel to DC + spend time with JadedIsland and the DC Kawaii Community!
  5. Write the Kawaii-fying My Kanken Backpack DIY.
  6. Develop a Fitness Plan and work it weekly with a personal trainer.
  7. Get re-familiarize with operating a vehicle, reinsured and renew my driver’s license in January 2022.
  8. Purchase a cute, safe car so I can drive anywhere I desire within the country.
  9. Graduate undergrad! Obtain my bachelor of arts degree in Fashion Studies: Product Development from Columbia College Chicago.
  10. Pay off my student loan debt.
  11. Spend a week in New York by myself. I want to explore everything the fashion capital has to offer me and document it on jessimoonheart.com Spend as much time in Mood Fabrics as possible.
  12. Be a summer intern for Anastasia Chatza!
  13. Get invited to attend a Fashion Week.
  14. Show a collection at Fashion Week.
  15. Design + construct a whole damn collection with my two hands.
  16. Reach the 25 Ride Milestone with SoulCycle!
  17. Design, Produce + Manufacture the Unicorn Warrior pin. Sell it on my website & donate a portion of its profits to Planned Parenthood.
  18. Travel to San Francisco, California for jfashion fun; meet the San Francisco lolita community, explore Japantown and shop at Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars Shine Bright!
  19. Meet Betsey Johnson. Multiple times.
  20. Apply for the Kawaii.I Personal Style Contest again (and again and again).
  21. Spend a week in Los Angeles, California. I want to meet my rainbow babes like Liane of Peteyhana and Laura Brown of PrettySour. Go to JapanLa & Ficklewish, stop by Hollywood and see the coast.
  22. Apply for Project Runway. As many times as needed to get cast.
  23. Buy a one-way ticket to Europe; galavant between London, Paris, and Versailles for an extended amount of time.
  24. Travel to Japan with Hayden, spend 10 days in Tokyo. Experience all things jfashion, Harajuku, mahou & Kusama.
  25. Attend Paradiso: the Kansas City Lolita Event with the Kawaud (Kamilah, Hayden, Bunny and I).
  26. Publish 1,000 blog posts on jessimoonheart.com
  27. Purchase Property! Buy a beautiful historic house in Chicago to transform into my pretty pastel palace. Homeownership is truly the ultimate dream.
  28. Land a design internship with Kohls. Get offered a full-time design position with the company for post-grad.
  29. Model for a jfashion brand at a convention fashion show!
  30. Visit the OG Starbucks & Roastery in Seattle.
  31. Collaborate with brands on sponsored ad content for my platform and other social media!
  32. Expand on unicorn living in whatever space I call home.
  33. Travel to Australia! I want to spend time with my lovely friends Bree Swan and the real Cora Maria as well as others in the alternative sustainable jfashion community! Also not get killed by the critters of Australia, please!
  34. Build my label in Chicago and manufacture ethically, locally, preferably Chicago within the Midwest.
  35. Build my fashion label business within the Chicago Fashion Incubator.
  36. Work for LUSH. 💕 I admire this company so much.
  37. Sell a collection of my garments and merchandise at an event/fair/convention.
  38. Fit each member of the kawaud for a custom garment. Go on that journey from start to finish.
  39. Define what it means to be unapologetically Jessi Moonheart.
  40. Sew My First Athleisure Look: Barbie and the Rockers. Write about the process in a blog post.
  41. Build a lifestyle that allows me to send my own fucking regards to the clouds.
  42. Go to amazing artists get kawaii tattoos upon my beautiful body!
  43. Have a Hot Girl Summer within my roaring twenties!!
  44. Model for a jfashion brand at an anime convention.
  45. Buying a quality petticoat for Lolita fashion.
  46. Define my darkest desires.
  47. Get my first tattoo done by Christian Hernandez in Chicago: a lavender, dark purple, magenta and pastel pink unicorn plush with confetti dots.
  48. Have a bondage photoshoot with my tattoo. Concept: tied up among the clouds.
  49. CREATE my opportunity to WORK in NEW YORK.
  50. CREATE my opportunity to WORK in LA.

if you were looking for a reminder to dream BIG: this is it!!


While I still dream of garments and the machines that make them; as well as clouds and stars and skyscrapers; I no longer dream of love in the way I used to. I craved love so pure and powerful that it changed my life forever, but I saught that out from other people. I am the primary person responsible for manifesting my most magical life and I won’t put that responsibility in anyone else’s hands ever again.

Writing down your dreams is a huge step in manifesting your most magical life- it allows you to articulate your desires and speak them into existence. After that, it’s up to the individual to put in the work and get ready to embark on the adventure! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

I hope that sharing my list inspires you to create your own. Sit down with yourself and get clear about what you want from this precious thing called life. I hope you can be completely honest with yourself, even if knowing your own truth scares you. It’s intimidating to have this oh so personal list be public for the world to see, but it’s ok. It’s ok to want and desire a beautiful life- but it’s up to us individually to make it happen. This is my accountability, foundation, and framework; my motivation to survive the hard times and make choices that allow me to thrive in the good.

What’s one dream on your list, unicorns? I’d love to converse in the comments below.

I hope you stay subscribed- soon enough you’ll see these dreams transform into my realities.

All the Best,

With Love & Sparkles, 

Yours Truly, 


☆☆Jessi Moonheart☆☆



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