♡Fairy-Kei Tag♡

♡Fairy-Kei Tag♡

Happy September Unicorns!

It’s finally fall. Unfortunately, it’s still fairly hot and humid in Chicago. (It’s a big bummer- I feel like a gross melty mess at the end of every day.) The school semester has also started; I’m technically now a senior at Columbia College Chicago. Am I graduating in the spring? The short answer to this question is no- find out why in an upcoming blog post.

It has been a few months since I last published a post on most of my platforms (aka here and Instagram, I’ve still been semi-active on my personal facebook and my twitter). I moved back home over the summer and have been working hard on painting, putting together my new space and getting settling into my new Starbucks store. I’ve been so silent online and I hope you can all forgive me. I’ve missed creating content, and I thought it would be fun to warm up with a TAG post! (Woo, something new!)

I’ve been inspired to do this for a while after originally watching Bunny’s Fairy-Kei Tag video, which they posted over three years ago! (Go give Bunny some 💖; they now have the cutest shop on TeeSpring!) I’m excited to share my answers with all you unicorns!

I’ll leave a blank copy of the questions in the comments for anyone whose interested in participating in the fairy-kei tag! Please respond with where you publish your answers, I’d love to give them a read!

♡Fairy-Kei Tag♡

  1. Do you have any style icons?Laura Brown (@prettysourlaura) is my ultimate fashion icon, tbqh. She always looks so cute with her tattoos, gauges and ever-changing rainbow hair! Every detail in each look shared online is flawlessly executed. I’m endlessly inspired by her fashion, her brand and her work within the fashion industry! If you’re here reading this post because you love fairy-kei fashion, I’d reccomend checking out her shop Pretty Sour. (Also Laura if you’re reading this- I adore you and would love to buy you a coffee should our paths ever cross someday!)
  2.  What are your favorite stores?One of the things I love most about the fairy-kei subculture is the emphasis on secondhand shopping. When I’m out shopping in Chicago, I tend to find the best kawaii vintage in Wicker Park:Kokorokoko • 1323 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

    Ragstock (vintage section only!) • 1459 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

    Buffalo Exchange • 1478 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

    Store B Vintage • 1472 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

    I also have huge admiration for Spank!, Swimmer and Nile Perch, but I’m saving my coins to shop directly from their doors when I make my way to Japan someday soon. 

  3. What is your luckiest thrift store find?My luckiest thrift find so far is a pastel pink vintage 80s suit jacket and skirt. Although it’s slightly oversized on my figure, it matches Day-To-Night Barbie’s pink suit almost perfectly. There’s nothing more fairy-kei than matching your favorite vintage toys! I love feeling like a corporate Barbie for presentations and I can’t wait to make it the perfect fit. Also, it cost me between $7-$8. Such a lucky find!
  4. Any songs that remind you of fairy kei?• CANDY CANDY by Kyary Pamu Pamu
    •Squeez® by Shawn WasabiDespite my love for music, these were surprisingly hard for me to think of! I’d love to see your songs linked in the comments!
  5. How does your family feel about the fashion?I feel like my family is generally very supportive in that they’re willing to engage in honest conversation about it. When asked, my father prefaced his comments by saying that he doesn’t attach much emotion to clothes. At first, he didn’t understand the extremity of my pinkness, but he’s come to understand now is that its the creation of an aesthetic and look. As a Father, he feels proud because I’ve discovered my passion and I’m actively pursuing it. As a people-watcher, he enjoys discreetly watching how others react to my fashion. It takes most out of their personal comfort zones and makes most smile. My father can be incredibly quiet and to hear this come from his mouth was incredibly validating. I want to savor those words when I’m feeling lost on my path.My mom is also very supportive of my fairy kei fashion and aesthetic lifestyle and she shares it through gift-giving. I’m so grateful to have people in my life who understand my love languages, especially my mother! I have been able to manifest a beautiful new mother-in-law suite in her basement as of moving back home. I’ll talk about that further in-depth in new unicorn living posts soon. In terms of fashion, my mom recently passed down a garment she owned in the 80s: a beautiful pink silk gown with a drop waist, shoulder pads, 3/4 length sleeves, and a pleated skirt. She bought at either Marshall Fields (husbando) or another department store when she was working downtown in her early 20s. This beautiful pink dress has so much family history and I love how it drapes over my skin. I look forward to giving it the TLC it deserves to be worn with new life in the 20s. My mother also feels I need to collect more pieces in my wardrobe in order to be able to pull off wearing my lingerie collection in my LOOKS. I agree- share your ideas for styling lingerie in the comments!!
  6. Your most treasured piece of clothing?The Lazy Oaf Pastel Rainbow Knit Cardigan. I truly treasure it as I get cold ever so easily. Even after a year of consistent wear, it still maintains its vibrant color and shape. None of its threads have yet to unravel. And it’s a staple in my pastel fairy-kei wardrobe. I intend on treasuring it forever.
  7. How do you react to people who are positive or curious about your style on the streets?I find it joyful when people react positive to my fashion. It makes me powerful when small children look at me with awe. I love telling people about how my fashion originated in Japan but is worn by a worldwide community of cuties like me.
  8. What about negative comments?My joy is sucked dry by those who choose to make negative comments about my fashion. I know that not everyone gets or understands what I wear, but it does hurt when people use my love of pink as a reason to harass me. Commuting in fairy kei can be a particular challenge. Especially the CTA- it’s an absolute cesspool when it comes to jfashion. I have my fair share of horror stories, but I try not to let the harassment let me down. There are so many kind and sweet people I’ve met on my journey and they take up more space than the haters in my mind and heart.
  9. What’s the craziest outfit you’ve ever worn?

    My craziest outfit has to be the outfit I wore for Chicago Japanese Matsuri last fall. It consists of a bright pink beret, my LO basics pastel pink sweater dress, my Lazy Oaf pastel rainbow cardigan, my birthday party active leggings from Chrissa Sparkles and a pair of pink metallic Adidas superstars.
  10. Do you have any hobbies that could be considered Fairy kei?

    Yes! I have a few hobbies that I consider to be very fairy-kei. I love thrifting adventures- the ultimate fairy-kei hobby! I tend to repaint most of my wooden furniture to match my pastel aesthetics. I collect toys- mostly barbies and unicorns, with the odd MLP, CareBear and Rainbow Brite toy thrown into the mix. Finally, I am a seamstress and I love bringing my frilly fairy-kei aesthetics into the garments I design and upcycle.I almost forgot; this blog is such an important hobby in my life. Writing about my experiences as a Chicago unicorn is very fairy-kei. 💜
  11. How did you dress before Fairy kei?I intend on writing a full blog post/series about my full fashion/history because I think it would be fun and enlightening, but I can say now that before I dressed fairy-kei, my style was vastly different. While I associate having my pink hair with wearing fairy-kei, previously my hair was purple! I wore a mix of larme-kei, bohemian goth and pastel goth. That was in 2017 during my first year as a barista. I bought and wore a lot of black garments that I thought were beautiful but were not practical for my job. My hair was red before it was purple and I had a very gothic/witchy/bohemian aesthetic.
  12. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought?My pink and purple Gucci frames with prescription in the lense. They match well with my fairy kei style because of their color palette and the star gems on the sides!
  13. How do people at work/school react to your outfits?I work at a beautiful Starbucks in downtown Chicago’s financial district. My coworkers and our customers react quite positively! They’ve only known me a few weeks and already know I’m a pastel princess. I get told that I’ve got something special and that they like my style. I’ve been asked by a wonderful customer to list out my 50 ultimate lifetime dreams because of our conversation about fashion. I haven’t shown up to work in many ‘fits so far.I go to an art school for fashion in downtown Chicago. I’ve gotten a lot of lovely compliments from fellow students, and hear the sweetest things as I pass from one building to another. If I get stopped, we’ll swap our Instagrams to continue sharing the love. Shameless plug- follow my Instagram @jessimoonheart for grid updates and whatever shit I share in my stories!
  14. What is your favorite color combination?Pink and Purple 💜💖
    I also like to wear a lot of white!
  15. Do you see yourself wearing Fairy kei in the future?I do see myself wearing fairy-kei in the future. To what depth is yet to be determined. Lately, I’ve been starting to dabble in more sophistication; wearing black trouser shorts and silk-button downs and other garments of the sort. I’m finding new confidence through experimentation. I’ll always love how I feel about myself when wearing fairy-kei.

And that’s the tag! We made it fam! As I mentioned above, I’ll be leaving a blank copy of the questions in the comments so you can do it for yourself! Ohh, and since this is a tag, I get to challenge others to do it as well! So I tag Bunny (it’s been 3 years bitch, that’s enough time for an update uwu!), Molly, and Hayden! Complete the questions and tag three others to do the same.

Thank you so much for reading! I’m so grateful to have this platform to share my words with the world. The words I write on here can’t be hidden away by an algorithm, they’re owned completely by me, and they help me to attract what’s best for me on my journey into manifesting my most magical life.

Until next time, unicorns!


All the Best,

With Love & Sparkles,

Yours Truly,


☆☆Jessi Moonheart☆☆



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  1. September 18, 2019 / 6:33 pm

    Hewwo unicorns,

    As promised, here is the blank copy of the fairy-kei tag for you to use! I’m looking forward to reading your responses to the questions!

    1. Do you have any style icons?
    2. What are your favorite stores?
    3. What is your luckiest thrift store find?
    4. Any songs that remind you of fairy kei?
    5. How does your family feel about the fashion?
    6. Your most treasured piece of clothing?
    7. How do you react to people who are positive or curious about your style on the streets?
    8. What about negative comments?
    9. What’s the craziest outfit you’ve ever worn?
    10. Do you have any hobbies that could be considered Fairy kei?
    11. How did you dress before Fairy kei?
    12. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought?
    13. How do people at work/school react to your outfits?
    14. What is your favorite color combination?
    15. Do you see yourself wearing Fairy kei in the future?

  2. September 19, 2019 / 4:39 am

    Aaah this was such a fun read! I love that you listed your favorite local thrift stores!!

    • September 19, 2019 / 11:52 am

      Aaaahh thank you so much Laura! The thrifting in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago is UNREAL! Shop small, shop local! xoxo <3

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