♡ Valentine’s Day 2019: Self Love is Forgiving Yourself ♡

♡ Valentine’s Day 2019: Self Love is Forgiving Yourself ♡

Happy Valentine’s Day Unicorns,

Since it is the day of love, I wanted to share some words on self-love. They were written as part of the final project in my Social Media and Public Relations Strategies course that I took in Fall 2017. Our final project composed of working in groups to develop blogs and my group was the Glossi Girls. We wrote about body positivity, mental health, and self-love, writing with our authentic voices clear. The content from that blog is no longer online, but it was where I began my journey as Jessi Moonheart. Also I earned a B+ for the course. Looking back I’m quite proud of that grade because my mental health was quite poor at the time. A lot has improved for me academically since then!

In the last two years, I’ve taken a lot of my own advice to build my beautiful life into what it is today. And it’s still growing! Every day I wake up with the intention of manifesting the future I want tomorrow. I hope these words inspire you to do similar.

♡Self Love is Forgiving Yourself♡

D e a r   U n i c o r n s

Self-love is forgiving yourself for breaking up with your therapist. It’s ok to be in the early stages of working on your mental health, and realizing the professional you’re working with isn’t working for you. 🗣

Self-love is allowing yourself to feel yourself more. The depths of your galaxies are yours to be explored.  Prince/ss charming is a potential partner, you don’t need them to come around to please your privates! 😻

Self-love is eating your veggies. You are literally lactose intolerant- you feel sad and sick after eating the cheese. But self-love is forgiving yourself in the bathroom post-cheese and choosing veggie stir fry next time. 💩

Self-love is manifesting your best self. Dye your hair rebelliously. Wear clothing that makes you feel GOOD and cute. Wear your holographic lipstick as the badge of honor it is. Change your name to match your ideal persona. 👩🏻‍🎤

You raise your self-esteem to new heights when you realize you can become the person you want to be. Everything we do is an offshoot of our own self-esteem and a working testament to how much we value ourselves. 👑

If you don’t value yourself very highly, your lifestyle will reflect that.

Self-love is realizing that you don’t find yourself, it’s creating yourself. It’s something that only you can be fully responsible for, there is no fairy godmother that will transform you into the person you want to be. 💕

Self-love is forgiving yourself. It’s ok to let go of the people, things, and institutions that no longer serve you. It’s ok to break up with your therapist, leave art school and build your own platform. Self-love is deciding to do the things that fucking scare you the most because living life in fear is a CHOICE. 🖕🏻

Self-love is going after your dreams and fully embracing yourself.

Love and sparkles,

Jessi Moonheart




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  1. William Brown
    February 15, 2019 / 11:59 am

    Thank you for sharing this. February is the darkest month of the year, and I find myself forgetting to make room for joy and self care. You’ve grown so much in your writing style, you’re an inspiration Jessi Moonheart. Thank you, sincerely. I needed this.

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