♡ My Top 10 Fashion Favorites of 2018: Shoes & Accessories ♡

♡ My Top 10 Fashion Favorites of 2018: Shoes & Accessories ♡

Hi, Unicorns!!

Long time no see here on my blogosphere; I can’t believe I published my last post in April. That feels like it was yesterday !!! 2018 was a busy year for me- I shared a month-by-month super-personal reflection on my Instagram Stories. It’s pinned to the top of my Instagram; @jessimoonheart if you’re interested in watching/reading that! My intention is to publish more/be more active here on the blog this year, but I’ll go deeper about that in one of my next posts.

To make up for my fashionable absence this year, I thought it would be fun to blog a little wardrobe “catch up” and share My Top 10 Fashion Favorites of 2018. I love fashion so much that I decided to major in it this year! And I brought a lot of amazing accessories into my life this year. It was so hard to narrow down my wardrobe into ten pieces, but since I had so many favorites, this will be part two of a two-part series. This post is all about my favorite carried and worn accessories. Although jewelry, bags, and shoes play a secondary role to the garments the wearer dons, they are equally important in completing daily coordinates. You can check out Part 1 here!

In 2018- I remained true to myself and strengthened my kawaii style. My Top 10 Accessories affirm my love for alternative, pastel and oh so kawaii street fashions. These items are so iconic to my style, and I feel like my best Jessi Moonheart self when I wear them. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I loved writing about them!

1. Pastel Rainbow Novelty Purse by Skinny Dip London

The first accessory on this last of a few holy grail accessories that I indulged in this year. I bought the Pastel Rainbow Novelty Purse by SkinnyDip London off of Dollskill during their Memorial Day sale in the spring. This was at the same time that I purchased my Lazy Oaf Pastel Rainbow Cardigan, and they arrived right at the beginning of summer.

I’m so glad that I purchased this bag because I love the pastel rainbow trend. It absolutely stems from watching a lot of Magical Girl Rainbow Brite in my childhood. As an adult, I want to spread my love for color and creativity and this bag empowers me to do that. Although it can’t fit my doughnut wallet or a water bottle; it can hold my cell phone, my cash, my lipstick, my sunglasses and most important, my unicorn friend Galaxia.

I also got this bag right in time for Pride! I live in the Chicago neighborhood of Lakeview, right around the corner from Boystown, where the Parade happens! I celebrated Pride by coming out as bisexual. I want to share what I wrote for Indira’s Inner Beauty here because in the hopes that it sends more light and positivity to someone who reads it!!

Growing up in the suburbs as a member of the LGBTQ+ community was hard because I grew up pretty closeted. I lost one of my first jobs as a church babysitter because an ex-friend spread a rumor that I was lesbian to the elders in the community. I learned very early that being queer, and sharing that queerness in my suburban neighborhood would further ostracize me from having friendships and opportunities to further myself. 

I didn’t dare to speak my truths. I was someone who was bullied enough already, I didn’t want to encourage more torment in my life. So I stayed quiet and in the closet. As high school ended, I began exploring my queer identity a little more, but due to a bunch of trauma that summer I shut myself back in the closet. I started my freshman year by joining a sorority and having constantly repressing myself. 

Now, I am living my best Chicago as a student studying fashion! I feel like I am finally ready to come out of my closet: I’m bisexual! I want allies of the community who are not members to know this: Bisexuality not a trend or phrase used as an attempt to seek attention. To bisexuals who are still in the closet- you are valid. My time in the closet was hard, but it’s not forever. We are ready to celebrate you and your style when you are ready to come out. You are real and loved and beautiful. 

2. Pink Satin Bow Sneakers by Fenty x Puma

In 2018 I purchased my first pair of Pumas! I thought I was an Adidas-only girl. I bought my first pair of the classic white superstars with their black stripes in 2017 and found a couple more pairs entered in my life in 2018 (the pink metallic superstars and the black with white stripes as part of my work uniform.). Like I love my superstars so much for their shape and comfort, I thought I would have some brand loyalty to Adidas.

These Fenty x Puma Satin Bow Sneakers started circulating in my kawaii communities. I saw them paired with lolitacoordinates, with Hard Decora items and with other jfashion brands that Iknow andlove. I knew I had to have them- first in pink and next in 2019 in purple! They are so cute and high-vibe onto a new level of sneakers. They’re satin: you can wear them on your way to cycle class with your pastel leggings, or with a basic pink dress or with your (eventual) pair of Hard Decora Every Day Carry Joggers. They go with all and are very very comfy!

While these sneakers are sold out on Puma’s website- I found a lot of luck purchasing them through secondhand app Poshmark! Poshmark is a fun and simple way to buy and sell fashion. I was able to snag a pair worn once brand new, in my size with the packaging for a huge fraction of the retail cost. I highly recommend Poshmark if you plan on purchasing these- don’t forget to use my Poshmark code when you sign up with my invite code. JESSIVITZ will earn you $5 to use on your first purchase!

3. Pastel Disorder Bondage Boots by YRU

At the end of November, I tried to wear my sneakers out during the first snow, thinking they would suffice. The treck from my apartment to my neighborhood coffee shop was a slippery, stressful stroll. Thus began my search for a pair of winter boots. The previous winter, I had purchased the Doc Marten x Lazy Oaf Collaboration Jungle Boots and I love them. I thought that this season I would pick a purchase that would be just as practical for winter wear, but more colorful.

During Cyber Monday, I found a pair of duck boots from a mainstream brand that came in purple. When they were delivered they were… not purple. Although practical, they were a very sad shade of purple-grey and matched NOTHING in my closet. So I set them aside to return them and continued my search for my winter boot. I had searched the websites of all the big department stores, scoured DSW multiple times and even looked at Walmart and Target. (I was desperate for a pair of fucking shoes.) I’ve come to realize that mainstream fashion isn’t going to cater to my colorful and alternative tastes- and if they do, the quality and price point are going to fluctuate. 

So I then looked at my friends’ footwear. What were my cool kawaii friends wearing on their feet? One brand that stood out to me was YRU. Why didn’t I think of them before? (I was sipping that dumb bitch juice probably…) After browsing YRU‘s & their sister brand StrangeCvlt’s boot selection- I came across the Pastel Disorder Bondage Boots.

Even though I purchased these towards the end of the year, they have absolutely been one of my favorite worn accessories from 2018. Their color is as bright and vibrant in person as the online listing shows, and they have a really thick rubber sole- something that I was specifically looking for in a winter boot. I’ve been able to wear these with my fishnet stockings and pairs of thick fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm, and they look adorable with all of my pastel kawaii garments! I hope to bring more YRU/StrangeCvlt footwear into my closet into the future because the color and quality cannot be beaten at their price point!

4. Lightning Bolt Pastel Statement Necklace by I’m Your Present

This statement necklace is one of my most favorite accessories from 2018. It is intensely beautiful: acrylic lightning bolt charms in a combination of holographic glitters, radiants, cremes, peaches and lilac colors backed with white acrylic. They are securely attached to a thick silver chain. It was made by I’m Your Present but I originally saw it on the Lolita Collective website. I received this as an anniversary gift from my partner at the time.

I’m so glad I own this because it fits in perfectly with my wardrobe. It is pastel, but also punk. Lightning is symbolic of strength, creativity, and inspiration, and I feel like I specifically exude those things when I wear this necklace. I’m glad to add this piece to my sky and space-themed fashion collection. When I dress up, I want to feel like I’m out of, or not from this world, like the fairy-kei and uchuu-kei kids I see on my Insta.

5. Everyday Glasses by Gucci

So I heard Y’all like my Gucci’s… My glasses are the one item that I wear every single day. My eyes are weak from looking at screens during most of my waking hours. This last year I had a goal of finding a new eye doctor. I didn’t remember the last time I had my eyes checked. I had medical eye insurance independently through my job at Starbucks so I wanted to make good use of it. I got to know a customer at my previous store who was opening a new Eye Practice right next door! I decided to check out Big City Optical, and made an appointment as soon as they opened! I was excited to find out that they accepted my insurance, and although they didn’t have a strong selection of eyewear when I made my appointment- they assured me that they would be getting more stock coming in.

On the day of my appointment, I had a great experience. I felt such ease around Dr. Mila and it was the least stressful eye appointment I’ve ever had. And then I got to looking at the glasses… There were many frames to choose from but I was immediately pulled to these. They called my name from across the room. These Gucci’s marble pink and purple acetate on an oversized rectangular frame, with a shooting star decora element framing the Gucci logo. They were made in Italy.

This is my first item from a high-end luxury brand and I truly treasure them. My insurance covered much of the cost, and I feel like I channel my grandma’s spirit when I wear them. She passed away around the same time that these came into my life, and in high school, my Bubbi was voted ‘Best Dressed’. She had great style and taste all the way to the end. When I look in the mirror, I see more and more of her impassioned curious spirit in my own reflection.

I’m sure if you’re looking to own a pair of these for yourself, the folks over at Big City Optical‘s numerous locations might be able to help you. If you’re not native to Chicago, I found a similar pair of sunglasses. At the time of writing this, I’ve also found them on Poshmark (USE MY CODE JESSIVITZ FOR $5 WHEN YOU SIGN UP) and a possibly-fake pair from Amazon.

I wear my glasses every day, whether I’m at school or working my shifts as a barista. So I’m glad that I wear a pair that shares my personality with the world. I’m often complimented on these frames, and I love tilting my head a little to the side when I say ‘thank you’ just to show off that glittering Gucci logo.

6. Metallic Star Purse by Luv Betsey by Betsey Johnson

This purse was a lucky find over the summer. I found this Metallic Star Purse from Betsey Johnson’s Luv Betsey line at Ross on an ordinary summer day. Ross is one of my favorite places to hunt for Betsey Johnson items, and it had been many years since I last owned a Betsey Johnson purse. Although it’s not as small as my SkinnyDip London Rainbow Novelty Bag- this Betsey Johnson purse is still in the smaller range of purses. It’s perfect for everyday use; school, errands, appointments etc. I love using it every day because it fits my wallet, my glasses case, cloth, and cleaner as well as three lipsticks.


7.  Berets

2018 was a year of berets. I fell in love with the way they looked on my head- especially on bad hair days. I had two berets that I wore constantly in 2018. I have a velvet black beret that I purchased from Forever 21 in 2017 and a pink wool beret that I purchased later in 2018 from Belmont Army Vintage! These two berets held their own in my coordinates this year, and I found many ways to style them. I also picked up a fuzzy lavender beret from Hot Topic, but I did not feel confident wearing it out of the house. It did not fit my head properly, and I am planning on giving it to a friend if it fits them. Berets help to bring coordinates together, making a whole look from head to toe! I hope in 2019 I will be able to find a pastel purple or lavender beret, as well as a pastel pink one.


8. Bow Necklace by Color My World Creations

Every time I look at this necklace, I’m brought back to my experience at UChi Con. This was my first time attending an anime convention as an adult, and my first time on the University of Chicago Campus. I went by myself, and got lost multiple times on my way to the campus. But when I was there, I had a really fun time shopping the vendors and artists, meeting new friends and attending O-Kei Podcast‘s Panel! I got to attend this convention right before I found out I was sick with pregnancy, so I didn’t have a lot of energy by the end of the afternoon. But the joy I felt wearing jfashion with other people was something I held onto during the darkest parts of the year.

I really love this necklace: the resin bow is just so beautiful, the heart charms are darling and I just love the purple toy-like chain holding it all together. If I ever attend another convention where Color My World is selling items, I will definitely purchase more. They speak directly to my fairy-kei soul. I also hope to support more indie artists who sell cute accessories in 2019- I know I need more kawaii jewelry and hair clips in my life.

9. Kawaii Accessories by Fattychan

I got to meet Fattychan, aka Bunny, for the first time at their booth at UChi-Con in February. I was previously familiar with their work on their Tumblr blog in my search for jfashion. It was really cool to realize that they were a part of my local jfashion community and I ended up purchasing a few bracelets from their booth. We ended up talking a lot between panels and pictures and mutually followed each other online. I admire Bunny, and think that their work as a plus-size influencer in the jfashion space is important.  In aggressively fatphobic society; they share and provide resources that promote self-love for plus-size people who are interested in jfashion trends like lolita and fairy-kei. They create digital art, youtube videos, and adorable accessories! They have also grown into a close friend!

The heart bracelet that I’ve featured here is one of my favorite items that Bunny designed. It’s so comfortable and cute. I often wear it when I know I’m going into an environment where I’ll be in need of a stim item. I get to bring a bit of friendship with me when I need it the most.

Not an accessory, but I also got a digital portrait done by Bunny when they opened up their commissions over the summer. It was my first time commissioning artwork and I’m so glad I did it. I was quite nervous about the process but Bunny was super communicative and open and easily answered all my questions. Look at how CUTE they drew me! The tongue! The crown! The scepter! The sassy knee bend!


10.  Flower Sunglasses

The last item on this list was one of my most popular accessories of 2018. I had so many people on asking me about these sweet 70s-inspired bright pink flower sunglasses when I shared myself wearing them on my Instagram. The big secret: these sunglasses were from Target! I was never able to find a link to purchase them online, but I did find a similar pair from Shop Ban.do and they’re currently on sale if you want to pick up a pair for yourself. I really love how they add to my appearance and block out all the haters from my vision!

Wow, and that wraps up my favorite accessories from 2018.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post; blogging is one of my favorite activities because I get to curate and articulate my voice! I literally sit in my closet typing aloud on my laptop to write these posts because otherwise, I get too distracted or in my head to write them.

I learned a lot about myself and my style from writing this series, and I look forward to using this knowledge to continue manifesting into a fashion unicorn.

What about you unicorns: What were your favorite accessories in 2018? Do we share any? I’d love to know about the jewelry or shoes or bag you bought that captures the essence of your identity, that feels totally you. Friends share fashion finds with friends, and you can share in my comments section! Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to All! May we find light together in the darkest part of the year.

With Love & Sprinkles,
☆☆Jessi Moonheart☆☆

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  1. January 5, 2019 / 1:43 pm

    Another great post! Small tip though; when you insert links, you should check the settings to make sure you have the “Open link in a new tab” selected. You’ll want people to visit the links but you don’t want them to stray away from your website either 🙂

    I really liked hearing about your coming out story. I’m asexual myself, and my coming out story is possibly the opposite to yours. I realised I was ace around my 18th birthday in 2017, when I finally figured out that I was old enough to figure it out on my own. I’m lucky to have such an accepting and open-minded community/family. I was openly questioning for a few years before I figured it all out, so there was no big coming out moment for me, plus my sister came out as gay, then bi, then pan, before I began to understand myself better. I guess that being a heteroromantic asexual is interesting because you grow up thinking you’re normal until you start to realise that people aren’t actually exaggerating their sexual attraction and urges or pretending to say sex is “the best” just to fit in with everyone else who are also pretending. I suppose that I would’ve figured it out sooner if my Mum didn’t say that I’d probably be a late bloomer because my auntie was. This auntie appears to fit the label of demisexual though but she doesn’t identify with the label so I don’t call her that, but I only ever get close to it because of the affect she had on my journey of self-discovery. I’ve still had to struggle with internalised acephobia because we live in a world that promotes compulsory sexuality. It was especially difficult when I was in my first relationship with a non-asexual because while they respected my boundaries and my identity, I still felt that obligation and fear that he would leave me because of there being no sex. I have a bracelet with letter beads that spell “asexual” that I bought at a queer market during Australia’s marriage equality survey months. Even though marriage equality didn’t affect my rights per say, fighting the fight helped me connect with my local queer community. I nearly decided to get rid of that bracelet at the Suitcase Rummage tomorrow, but I decided to keep it because of its significance.

    Last year I think I was able to obtain more “holy grail” items than ever before, especially in the way of shoes. There are the YRU pastel light-up sneakers, and the YRU metalic rainbow platforms from the real Baddie Winkle’s Depop. She happens to be selling a rainbow Skinny Dip purse too which I’ve been eying up, but after so much decluttering I currently have other gaps in my wardrobe that desperately need filling.

    Anyways I’m sleepy and I have a big big day tomorrow so I want to say thank-you for another lovely blogpost and I look forward to the next one!

    • jessimoonheart
      January 5, 2019 / 4:13 pm

      Hi Cora! Thank you so much for the hot tip! I just updated Part 2’s links and I’m about to go update Part 1’s along with checking the rest of my blog’s links. I forgot that WordPress doesn’t automatically do that, but I can keep that in mind when writing future posts!! You’re so right, I wanna keep unicorns here but link them to the World Wide Web, lol!
      I’m glad that you’re keeping the asexual bracelet. Being a part of your local queer community in some fashion is really helpful in validating your identity, but I’m also so glad to hear that your community and family are open-minded and accepting.
      Let’s fill the gaps in our wardrobe in 2019! Have a great day at the suitcase rummage!! Thanks again for engaging and supporting my blog!

  2. sls
    January 5, 2019 / 2:26 pm

    Love this list. Stunning photos. I’m gonna bite your style BIG TIME.

    • jessimoonheart
      January 5, 2019 / 3:58 pm

      Thank you so much!! Bite away!

  3. Aaliyah
    January 5, 2019 / 7:53 pm

    I agree with the other comment, your photos are stunning!!!
    I do share an accessory with you (i got it in 2017 ope) and it’s the Skinnydip rainbow bag! When I got a chance to go to New York I saw it in a boutique I went in and I ended up not buying it because I was nervous about suitcase space. Though every night I had regret that I didn’t buy it and find a way to take it home lol. While going through my purse I found the business card of the boutique, and saw I could order it off their website and I did! I love the chain so much (even though it kind of hurts my shoulder after awhile) it just adds that pop that I love and I plan to wear it with more jfashion looks! I was also surprised how much it holds too despite the shape! I also wore mine to pride as well it’s the perfect accessory!
    And big agree about Fattychan!!! I absolutely love their work from their outfits, their art, all of it I’m a huge fan of them!!! I have choker they made as well as some bracelets too! So comfy and cute!
    I think my favorite accessory I got this year was a these two velvet scrunchies from Walgreens they just really add to looks and I hope to wear them more in 2019!!
    Wonderful blog post as always <3<3<3

    • jessimoonheart
      January 11, 2019 / 4:33 am

      Hi sweet Aaliyah!
      Thanks for leaving such an awesome comment! I saw pictures of your SkinnyDip bag on social media and you looked SO CUTE wearing it! I agree that the shoulder chain is painfully beautiful, and I love that this purse holds a wonderful travel memory for you. <3
      I'm glad we're twitter friends and able to bond for our love of Bunny. They are a wonderful creator and it's wonderful to see their work spreading cuteness across the world.
      I LOVE SCRUNCHIES. They are an item I intend on making in 2019 as I start on my sewing journey.
      All the best to you in this new year !!

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