Unicorn Living ♡ 4 Ways To Make Your Home Magical Now

Hi, Unicorns!

This August will mark two years since moving to Chicago. Before I moved to the city, I decided to live in student housing near my college campus. I spent a few weeks in the dorms with roommates, but living in the heart of the Loop was unlike what I thought it was going to be. Instead of feeling energized, my daily hustle through the concrete jungle left me burnt out. I was isolated in my two-bedroom apartment and not part of my roommates’ family.

Early that October, I went on a date that changed my life. I found my home. I ended up moving out of student housing and into an apartment with my boyfriend and his magical black cat.

The newness of the new apartment grew old and cold during that first winter. Even though I’m a homebody, I constantly thought about taking a vacation to somewhere else and never returning. This wasn’t home. It had been other people’s homes previously. At that moment, it didn’t feel like it was mine. I felt hopeless without a sense of hearth. Life was without magic.

That first winter taught me that apartment living doesn’t come pre-made fabulous like on television. But here was the opportunity to make this apartment- my apartment- a home full of my own design and aesthetic direction. I believe that if you fill your household with your positive attitude and creative energy- you can ultimately change your home and everyday life.

Thus began my adventures in unicorn living.

Here are four ways I’ve started making my home feel more magical for me. I hope you’re inspired to do the same!

1. Make Your Bed A Place You Enjoy Dreaming Fully

So the first part of this is to make your bed. Make your bed every day. I could rattle off a billion reasons why making your bed is important. But when I make my bed in the morning, I feel like I can accomplish anything else my day brings. Then, once you start making your bed, make your bed a place where your dreams can occur in abundance. After all, a dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep.

My bed began its transformation into my perfect dreamscape with a purple velvet comforter that seems as if it were made for royalty. I then ordered these extra-soft lilac sheets that coordinate perfectly with my throw blankets. One has pink hearts, one is a pastel afghan and one has an extremely kawaii colourful doughnut pattern. On the days I’m working at home, I’ll start by jotting down my first thought in bed, then bring a carefully chosen throw blanket with me when I go to write in my study.

I give my bed that little bit of extra magical potential with fuzzy heart pillows, unicorn plushies and sometimes even a kit cat!

2. Make Your Kitchen a Place You Enjoy Cooking Deliciously

I say this, knowing fully that currently, I do not enjoy cooking in my kitchen yet. Our kitchen is located in the back of our apartment. It receives very little light, especially during the winter. It is painted dark blue. I feel very uninspired to make food in there and thus have developed a preference for takeout than home-cooked meals. I hope that by painting the kitchen this year and making some layout changes in that room, I will start to develop my own flavourful recipes, lower the spending on takeout and continue to save money for the adventures ahead! I’m so excited for the bright pastels that will soon fill our kitchen, but in the meantime, I wanted to tell you about the one item in my kitchen that I enjoy cooking with!

That item is a rice cooker. Rice is relatively cheap and can be used in recipes for many different types of food. You can also steam frozen veggies and fish in a rice cooker, because of the power of the steam that is used within. It’s perfect for quick, healthy and easy meals!

Although my kitchen is not currently a place I enjoy cooking deliciously now, I know that I am taking steps that will have me bustling in the kitchen for a long time to come.

What recipes do you want to see from the Moonheart kitchen? Fun desserts or flavourful snacks? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

3. Make Your Workspace a Place that Inspires You Deeply

I am a creative who dabbles in many areas; drawing, writing, painting, designing. I am also a human who pays bills and keeps track of things like insurance paperwork and tax stuff. I realized I needed a desk area that could satisfy both my creative and adult needs.

The inspiration for the aesthetic of my workspace is based on a picture that I drew when I was in middle school. In my choir class, we were asked to draw a picture to visualize our ‘Solla Sellow’, from Seussical. It was a watercolour of a castle nestled in the clouds, with pink and purple hues surrounding it. I had it framed when I was living in the Loop and wound up painting the frame purple after I moved (2nd picture) It has been the piece of art that has inspired many of my creative endeavours since then, including the bookshelf in the second and third pictures. Originally a brown mid-century modern piece; every cloud was hand-cut from scrapbook paper and glued onto the sides of the desk, with details drawn in metallic silver paint pen.

Realizing that I needed a different workspace, I transformed an unused closet into my magical study! I painted it a light lavender and installed cloud lights from IKEA. I also have an array of crystals, plushies and toys on the top of my desk (which is a piece that will be repainted on camera) to keep me inspired to work! My Little Pony, Sailor Moon and Pusheen are some of the toys that inspire me- to draw, paint, design and even write for this blog.

My little piece of Solla Sellow leaves me deeply inspired, and ready to face my life’s work day after day.

4. Make Your Home a Place You Feel Majestically

Your home deserves to be your happy place. Living in the loop was not a happy experience for me, due to many factors. In fact, it was so toxic to me that when I left, I was a former husk of myself. Although it’s been over a year and a half since I moved out, this month is the first month where I feel as confident in myself as I did before I moved in. If not more confident and in different ways.

My living space has had a lot of factor in that. So make your space feel majestical, for you. If there are things in your home that remind you of toxic people or times in your life- get rid of them. Likewise, if there are people who make you feel crappy in your space, get away from them! You won’t feel like a princess if you have dirt in your castle.

Ideally, when I clean the apartment, I like to go from back to front; wiping surfaces, sweeping, vacuuming and getting rid of garbage. The usual works. (I’m grateful for a partner who also participates in most of this housework!) After taking out the trash, I burn sage in each room.  I use this time to spiritually cleanse each area and use spoken positive affirmations to adjust my attitude towards my home. There are lots of different home affirmations to choose from, depending on your situation. Here are some that have been working for me.

  • I like the area in which I live and work.
  • My environment encourages my goals in every way.
  • I am creating a harmonious environment for myself and those I love.
  • I decorate my environment with inspiring things.
  • My home reflects my love for life.

I have also found that little bits of ambience make a big difference in the mood of my apartment. Living things like fresh flowers and plants act as little energy batteries, emitting happy feels in the rooms they inhabit. I personally love pink and purple flowers and enjoy putting them in coordinating vases that I found at the dollar store!

These are the four ways I’ve made my home more magical in the last year and a half. I feel grateful and privileged to be in my current living situation, and a lot of people don’t have the circumstances to make all the changes that I have. I hope you’re inspired to make your home magical in your own unicorn way.

Good luck on your magical homemaking journey, and remember- have fun.

With love & sprinkles,

Jessi Moonheart


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