Kawaii Lifestyle Favorites ♡ March 2018 ♡ April Showers, Pulp Riot and Moonheart Mixtapes ♡

Kawaii Lifestyle Favorites ♡ March 2018 ♡ April Showers, Pulp Riot and Moonheart Mixtapes ♡

Hi Unicorns,

Happy April! I’m excited to share all my favourite things from March with you!

I’m doing this because it’s fun and I love when other bloggers share their favorite things from each month!

March was good to me. I had to make a really scary health decision within the first week of the month, and with that, I had to face one of my biggest fears in my life. It ended up being good for me physically and mentally- I was renewed with energy and passion. I became a unicorn warrior; I was inspired to start sharing my voice again and living my life for myself.

Disclaimer: None of my links are sponsored, I am not recieving profit from any of them!

Here are all the things I loved in March! I hope you enjoy reading about them!


Fashion Favorites

I love this pink moto jacket from Target. I love it so much my heart hurts. I’ve been trying to wear it every day, even though it’s still a little cold and rainy for leather jackets in Chicago. I love all the silver hardware and the functioning pockets (even though the pockets are a little small for my taste). The lapel collar has lots of room for enamel pins and buttons- the two pieces of flair I’ve featured in my photo are the luna p & cosmic hearts pin from black rabbit. They are such beautiful pins. When I wear this jacket- I’m reminded that I’m a badass unicorn warrior and I feel like a strong & colorful magical girl.

I switched my daily shoe from my doc marten combat boots to my Adidas superstar sneakers. While I do still wear my docs (especially my Lazy Oaf jungle boots), the superstar is the perfect everyday sneaker, for going to work and running errands around the neighborhood. I spend a lot of time on my feet for my job, and my sneakers need to be equal parts of stylish and comfortable. Speaking of stylish, to make my pair feel cuter, I replaced the standard laces with black ribbon laces. My ribbon laces came with my Jungle Boots, but you can get a pair on Amazon for fairly cheap in lots of different colors

I was able to slide a few more fashion favorites into March. I stopped at the Brown Elephant the last Friday after work and hit jackpot. The Brown Elephant is a hidden trove of goodies in my neighborhood and shopping with them supports the Chicago LGBTQ community at Howard Brown Health!

During my last visit, I found two sweaters! One is pale pink with a silver lip pattern. The label said it was from Torrid, and it fit very oversized. A perfect piece to wear with leggings! The other sweater I found is a bell-sleeved fairy kei star sweater from Wildfox! To have a fashion staple (such as a sweater) fit, be aesthetically pleasing and be extra affordable (without losing quality points) is remarkable.

Beauty Favourites

I do not have any new makeup favorites for March. Between working and being sick, I found myself focusing on other parts of my beauty routine instead. I’ll be talking about all my favorite makeup routine in an upcoming post– please keep your eyes peeled for that!

Thanks to my sweet friend Nic, I was able to try some new cruelty-free bath products this last month! The one I loved the most was the Pacha Soap Co French Lavender Whipped Soap + Scrub. First off, it’s purple. Second off, it smells of sweet lavender (my favourite scent of all time!). Third off, it effing works. A lot of exfoliating scrubs are either too harsh on my skin or not effective at all. Since beginning to use it, I’ve seen a decrease in my facial breakouts and skin quality. This is a product that I will happily purchase at Whole Foods once I run out!


I also had the chance to stop by my neighborhood Lush in March and pick up some new spring goodies- two of them were special enough to be featured as favorites! Lush is my f a v o r i t e cosmetics brand. Their products are handmade, cruelty-free, beautiful and downright magical. The experience of using a lush bath bomb in my bath is a luxurious part of my self-care rituals.

Lush’s newest bath bomb has transformed my life. It’s called April Showers, and it’s in the shape of a fluffy white cloud (my aesthetic !!!) with pink and purple bath oil raindrops pressed into the bath bomb. It has primary scents of cedarwood and cypress and after scents of tonka and violet. I tried April Showers in one of my first baths after painting the bathroom, and it turned my bath into a marbled pink and purple paradise.  April Showers also works really nicely with the Magic Wand Bubble Bar. Although April Showers is already sold out for the spring season, my friends at my local Lush recommended the bath oils for a similar experience.

I also tried Lush’s Bubbleroon for the first time in March. Bubbleroon is a macaroon shaped, rose-scented bubble bar. I originally thought it was a bath bomb when I picked it up at the store! I loved having a rose-scented bath, and my skin felt very soft after using it!

Hair Update:

I redyed my hair for the first time since Christmas during March. I bought my supplies from my aunt (who is a cosmetologist and has access to SalonCentric), and my sweet friend Nic helped me out with the bleach and dye process. I actually drew myself with my new colors before I got them done, as a way to manifest how I would feel once my hair was a happy shade of pink.

I get asked a lot of questions in my day-to-day about what products I use to upkeep my hair and what brand of dye I use. My favorite brand of dye thus fur far for colored hair is Pulp Riot. There are so many reasons to love Pulp Riot; the expansive array of vivid and pastel colors, the pleasant scent and application of the dye, the unique artwork and branding of the packaging and the completely vegan formula!

Pulp Riot is only sold to professionals through their website, but I was able to find Jam Violet, Cupid Bright Pink and Neon Electric Candy (the colors I used) through Brighton Beauty Supply. Another product I found on Amazon that I use regularly for my hair is my Wet Brush. The wet brush is much kinder on my hair compared to my other brushes. It comes in so many colors, but I have one in purple glitter, and want another in pink glitter!

Unicorn Living: Bathroom Repaint

Moonheart Studios took a weekend in March to repair the bathroom drywall and repaint the walls!

I was inspired to pursue a sweet aesthetic for the bathroom because of this adorable Parisian Cafe toothbrush holder from Walmart. I really love the design of it and wanted to emulate the same feeling throughout the rest of the bathroom. The black and white were easy to coordinate because of the two sets of tile already present in the space. There are lighter and darker shades of pink on the top and bottom halves of the walls.

It all came together I saw the most kawaii shower curtain shared through social media. It’s from Walmart and includes the curtain, the sprinkles mat and the shower rings (which have pink gems on them!). When I originally went shopping for this item, I could not find it in my local store. Do yourself a favor and check online before you go to buy it- I was able to have my parents pick it up for me in the suburbs. (Thank you Mom & Dad!)

It’s been really fun to re-do the bathroom. It’s cute and glamorous and it didn’t break the bank. I walk into the bathroom and mostly feel relaxed. (I’m still working on a better storage system, but that comes with more time living and being a unicorn.) Whether it’s taking a bath, brushing my teeth or doing my skincare routine, my bathroom has become a place where I can practice self-care lovingly.

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Moonheart Mixtape Volume 1: March 2018

This time last year I was working at a music tech start up. One of my favourite parts of that job was putting together weekly/monthly playlists to share on social media. This last month, I saw my blogger friend Indira sharing her iib mixtapes on social, and I was inspired to start making my own mixtapes again! Since these playlists are an accumulation of my favorite songs from the month, I thought it would be nice to share it on the blog in my monthly favorites post. March’s playlist is fairly short and includes a lot of Sailor Moon/Serasymphony. You can listen to it here (via Spotify).

SUGAR Jump into your racing car
Say Sugar Rush. Sugar Rush hey!

So there you have it! All of my favourite things from March! I’m so sorry I’m posting this mid-April. I hope I can be more on top of my favourites next month! (I already have a post in the drafts folder….)

Stay strong, Unicorn Warriors. Enjoy Spring and remember to have fun!

With love & sprinkles,

Jessi Moonheart

p.s: my cousin Izzy’s birthday was in March! Happy (belated) birthday Izzy!


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