About Me

My name is Jessi Moonheart and I am a fashion unicorn living in Chicago. I cultivate creative love in the Southport neighbourhood of Lakeview.

I am a blogger, artist and fashion student. I write about kawaii fashion, beauty and lifestyle for badass unicorns. I believe that being yourself is an inspired fashion rebellion. I’m creating and sharing a life that feels as vibrant as freshly dyed pink hair every day!

I would GENERALLY describe my fashion as alternative, pastel, kawaii street fashion. That’s a really long title and I’ll happily go into detail about it for the rest of my blogging days. My favorite styles of alternative dress include fairy-kei, sweet lolita, and 80s vintage.

I attend Columbia College Chicago and major in Fashion Studies. This is a recent change in my life, and I am quite happy to be pursuing this new direction. I intend on concentrating in Product Development and designing lines of garments with my name on the tag. I intend to reflect on my academic experiences through blogging; like a designer diary.

Into the Imagination of Jessi Moonheart: 

♡I love visual storytelling. Runway shows, manga and anime, comics and cartoons and webcomics video games…. etc. I’m deeply inspired by the pastel and beautiful and heartfelt. My favourite genre is magical girl, and I’ll take my mahou shoujo media in every form. Usagi, Star, Adora, Wisp, Gem, Bee and Madoka (amongst others) have taught me how to be my best self, and to shine and share my soft strength.

♡I’m an artist. I love the Instax Polaroid, Copics, my Signer Sonata sewing machine, my Canon DSLR, scissors, paper, tape and fabric. Fabric is my favourite. I’m learning Affinity and continue to challenge my drawing and illustration through practice. I’m also learning how to sew!

♡I’m a Doll + Toy Collector. I mainly collect Barbie, Sailor Moon, My Little Pony, and plushies. Specifically, unicorn plushies. They are collectively known as the UniFam. I also have a collection of American Girl doll garments, Rainbow Brite Dolls and 80s toy art.

♡I live with my partner William, & our Kit Cat. We’ve been together for over two years! We love exploring new places to eat together and laugh at each others’ jokes.

♡Friendship is magic! I will live for my friends!!

♡I love unicorns !!! Doughnuts !!! Soul Cycle !!! Lush !!! Iced Almond Milk Peppermint White Mochas !!! ☆  ☆  ☆









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